Beware of the cable claiming long burn in period.

Almost all the audio equipment including speaker need burn in time.

But I had bad experience with one digital cable recently.

Some people blew the horn on it and claimed burn in time more than 100 hours.

Out of box it had lot of details but etched.

After 8 weeks (around 200 hours) it got little bit better but its overall performance is not better than other digital cable that I have had.

Now it is too late to return it.

Beware of any cable claiming more than 50 hours of burn in time.

The chance is high that you will waste your time and money.
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About digital coax: get your hands on a piece of Vivanco KX-710 (tv-coax)and a pair of decent rca-plugs. Terminate and have fun

About burn-in:  static charges in the conductor(s) as well as the insulation might be involved, and some pure vodoo on top of this
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