Beware purepower inc

Trading with Purepower can be dangerous ...
I bought a PurePower 1050 Black HS code 8504.40.90 on 11/16/2011, invoice # 739 for $1497.
After 4 months, the unit stopped working : in fact the performances had never been by far those claimed by Purepower. After contacting the management Damian, I shipped back the unit (under warranty), received in Air on 04/24/2012. They told me that the maintenance should not last more than one or two months and that they would ship it back free of charges.
In fact I have never got my unit back : I called them more than ten times ; they always say 'he unit leaves by USP today...', but nothing. Finally, I believe they are not capable of sorting out the problem and that this is a con. I would not at all recommend these products and the team who is not reliable.

I have no regenerator allegiances, but it seems from these forums that PurePower in Canada has had both problems with a) the reliability of their units jusging by the A'goners who have reported needing to send units in for repairs (showing a need for the company to exert greater quality control) and b) with customer service (judging by the frustrated posts on A'gon from owners waiting to receive their units back).

Maybe both of these can be resolved moving forward, but they remain red flags at present to this purchaser of audio gear and potential customer.
How do you arrive at the conclusion that Purepower have reliability with their units? Do you know the total number of units that Purepower have sold and the number of repairs in the field? Or alternatively are you making a conclusion and a sweeping statement based on three or four or whatever irrelevant number of posts on this forum. Do you think it would be the same if we were talking about an iPhone. This forum is hysterical at times.
Vicks7, you need to take a serious chill-pill, dude!
YOU are the one ranting, not me. Ok?
I merely asked a question to Purepower (& I want Purepower to answer it & not some disillusioned imbecile like you) for clarification.
Nowhere in my post (& it is a post & not a thread!) do I imply that Purepower should be "ashamed" (like you wrote).
You are jumping to way too many conclusions based on a post asking for clarification.
Yes, I do use a competitors product but I have no malice or bad intentions directed at Purepower. My posts re. Purepower are based solely on my information from directly known parties who use Purepower products. So, I stand by my posts made thus far re. Purepower products.

Go crawl back into your shell....
I have used a PurePower AP 1050 for 4 years, I think, now. I have had no problems at all. Just the luck of the draw, I suppose.
This forum is becoming off topic and a little vituperative. I would like to offer a last word that I hope will allow some peace.

A customer or ours in France received poor service. We provided an apology, a solution, and a bit of an explanation as to why our company had a difficult first half or 2012 - after 8 years of quietly building a very effective Audio power conditioner.

To clarify for Bombaywalla, PurePower Partners LLC is a US corporation, incorporated in New Jersey. The product is manufactured in Canada. The counterfeit sales took place in Florida and thus the Florida courts are the correct venue for the lawsuits.

In regard to reliability, PurePower model 1050 units were sometimes damaged by a particular type of power surge - which required a factory repair. The incidence was no more than 5%, and while these transient voltages could damage the PurePower's input power supply, the attached audio components received 100% protection - which is a primary function of the unit.

The new PurePower+ does not have that susceptibility. PurePower Partners LLC is in full production of the entire PurePower+ line in Canada. We have not only made major improvements to the product, we have made equal improvements to our service capabilities. We expect every customer to get great support.