Beyonce releases first album in six years RENAISSANCE

Beyonce releases first album in six years RENAISSANCE

Beyonce's new album RENAISSANCE is out, her first studio effort in six years. The recording material was attended by Jay-Z, Skrillex, Drake and Grace Jones.




Suge Knight and Jay-Z, again, are not, “one and the same.”

One was a violent criminal-entrepreneur and the other is an artist-entrepreneur.

It’s sad to me that someone would issue such a blanket condemnation of rap/hip-hop “culture,” (whatever that means) then have the arrogance to call this opinion a “true statement” as if it were an immutable fact, especially when they show how little they actually know about the subject.

It never fails, the 1st person to bring up gender and/or race as “the reason” others do not like something will never understand they are actually… racist 😄

I don’t like her music. Actually, I think it’s pretty bad.

And honestly, what was the real reason for “announcing” she has a new album on this forum? 🤔😉


Oh, and for the 7/12/1979 reference - I still enjoy disco. The world would be a much better place if Hammer hadn’t been replaced …

I don't listen to any pop music really, and although I think Beyonce is beautiful and talented I fail to see what the point of gushing about her (or discussing her at all) on this forum is all about. Would we have missed this extremely hyped release somehow? The horse pic...ridiculous...but everywhere...I've worked with enough unpopular brilliant musicians to cringe when the hype wheel rolls around to another zillionaire getting press for overproduced silliness.

@onhwy61 ​​​​and @hifiguy42, you guys absolutely laid it out there. Haters be hatin’! I love and really appreciate Beyoncé’s artistry, vision, and incredible talent. She’s an extremely special person. And jealousy is a thing. 

Unfortunately now on social media some folks have found a safe space to rip everything and everyone they don’t like because I guess that’s what they need in their lives. Flat earthers, cable deniers, Capitol tourists. They’re all pissed and full of grievances that only they can comprehend. My dad always used to say if you ain’t got nothin good to share then keep it to yourself.