Beyond Sharp XV-Z9000U projector ?

I have been using the Sharp 9000U for about one year to project DVD, LD, TV, HDTV on a 100" screen and I am not fully satisfied with the picture sharpness and the internal scaler (for whatever reason this model does not allow to use an external scaler). So I am thinking of moving on to a HD2 chip projector. I have been suggested the Sharp XV-Z10000U, InFocus Screenplay 7200, Yamaha LPX-500, JVC DLA-G150CL and Yamaha PDX-1000. Since there is no way I can see all of them in the area I live, could someone share with me views/impressions/recommendations to select the currently best quality projector in the 10K range?
I have seen both the Sharp and Screenplay 7200 and the INfocus wins hands down.Best DLP out so far,but not perfect.Will allow use of a scaler.
Would you consider a CRT projector? You can find great 8" CRT projectors with low hours for a lot less that 10k. The PQ will be far better than anything digital has to offer.
Roger- The 9000 does allow you to use an external scaler. Do a search on and you will find enough information to read for a couple of days. Want to improve the picture of your 9000? Go to and look into the PD-1100. Works great with the 9000- sending it a 720P signal. Also look up Sharp 9000 and Hoya FL-D filter tweaks on AVS.