Bi-amp Martin Logan Quest

I have a Mac MC402 amp I would like to use to drive the base on my Martin Logan Quest Speakers. I want to run a Mac MC275 on the panels. Has anyone tried bi-amping Martin Logan with tubes on top and solid state on the bottom?
Unless you have the amps already laying around, and just want to try it, go ahead. It can't hurt anything. If you are going to buy the amps; bad idea. The Quest are not that difficult to drive. I had the SL3 and the ReQuest and liked them both. To pick between a 402 and 275 would just be a matter of your taste, room size, listening volume, etc. I've never had a chance to listen to ML powered by Mac, but if I had to guess, I think it will sound very good. If you don't think the 275 is enough, you might want to consider a vertical biamp with 2 275's. You will get more power and not have to worry about the results you get from using 2 different amps.