Bi-amp through receiver vs pre out to 2 channel for fronts

Right now I am no amping my monitor audio gold 100 front speakers using a pioneer elite receiver.

The manufacturer recommends bi amping. If I buy a parasound 2 channel amp for the fRonda and don’t bi amp, is that going to sound better?
Gotcha. All good advice. A couple amps being used by Monitor owners are Simaudio Moon, Roksan, and I believe maybe I saw a Belles. Moon and Roksan are very expensive and hard to find used.

You guys may want to kill me, but my goal is mainly to have an all around system I can be happy with for now. In other words, I may ditch the receiver and buy an AV processor with a separate multichannel amp. Down the the road I will buy a Rogue Cronus Magnum II tube amp (integrated) just for music since it’s what the hifi house paired with the speakers I bought from them in the showroom.
A little perspective here. I have a pair of vintage NAD integrated amplifiers: a 3020i and 3025PE set up to bi-amp my Energy Connoisseur speakers. The performance is great, and they didn’t cost a fortune. All it takes is a bit of scouring the vintage equipment market, and you can get the same kind of results. 
Yep thanks I’ve been looking but it’s slim pickings right now. 

I am looking at this Atoll AV500 to connect to a processor. I’m going to focus on the HT system first. Then, I can put a switch box if I ever get a tube amp just for music. 

Will 85wpc be enough? My speakers are rated for 60 to 120 wpc not I have 110 of receiver watts now.

Sorry guys, I’m still confused about one more thing. Until now, I thought HT Bypass was a button. I see now from looking at the Atoll that the HT bypass is actually RCA inputs on the integrated amp. I see it has the effect of bypassing the integrated amp volume and use the volume of a receiver. 

My burning question is whether or not that means the integrated amps pre-amp processing will be controlling my front L/R speakers 100% of the time and the receiver is only sending signal and volume? Or, is the receiver sending signal, volume, and pre-amp processing (i.e. crappy settings like wide surround) directly to the amp portion of the integrated and bypassing the integrated amps nice processing? 
Ok, so I have decided. I am buying the Atoll IN100 SE integrated amp with bypass brand new directly from France!