Bi-amp through receiver vs pre out to 2 channel for fronts

Right now I am no amping my monitor audio gold 100 front speakers using a pioneer elite receiver.

The manufacturer recommends bi amping. If I buy a parasound 2 channel amp for the fRonda and don’t bi amp, is that going to sound better?
A little perspective here. I have a pair of vintage NAD integrated amplifiers: a 3020i and 3025PE set up to bi-amp my Energy Connoisseur speakers. The performance is great, and they didn’t cost a fortune. All it takes is a bit of scouring the vintage equipment market, and you can get the same kind of results. 
Yep thanks I’ve been looking but it’s slim pickings right now. 

I am looking at this Atoll AV500 to connect to a processor. I’m going to focus on the HT system first. Then, I can put a switch box if I ever get a tube amp just for music. 

Will 85wpc be enough? My speakers are rated for 60 to 120 wpc not I have 110 of receiver watts now.

Sorry guys, I’m still confused about one more thing. Until now, I thought HT Bypass was a button. I see now from looking at the Atoll that the HT bypass is actually RCA inputs on the integrated amp. I see it has the effect of bypassing the integrated amp volume and use the volume of a receiver. 

My burning question is whether or not that means the integrated amps pre-amp processing will be controlling my front L/R speakers 100% of the time and the receiver is only sending signal and volume? Or, is the receiver sending signal, volume, and pre-amp processing (i.e. crappy settings like wide surround) directly to the amp portion of the integrated and bypassing the integrated amps nice processing? 
Ok, so I have decided. I am buying the Atoll IN100 SE integrated amp with bypass brand new directly from France! 

What’s your budget for a stereo integrated amp? Do you need a DAC built in? There are countless options out there new or used at various different price points.

Btw, when listening to stereo music using an integrated amp you don’t even have to turn on the receiver. Use the volume control on the stereo integrated amp. But for surround movies or HT you use the volume control of your receiver and control everything from the receiver. Does that make sense?

In regards to your question about AV preamp surround processor (pre pro) performance for stereo music playbacks. Yes, some high end AV pre pros perform really well in stereo for music playbacks as well as surrounds for HT but they are usually expensive. High end pre pros that perform really well in stereo and can function as a high end stereo preamp are the following :
* Classe SSP 800. Its original msrp was $9500 but was discontinued last year and nowaday can be had for around $3500ish.
* Classe Sigma SSP/Sigma SSP Mk2. Retail for $5k and $6k. Current model. The Sigma SSP is optimized for stereo performance for music playbacks. I think this is a bargain considering its performance in both stereo and multi-channels epecially its stereo performance. The Sigma SSP stereo front L/R channels shares many critical circuit blocks with the Classe CP 800 stereo preamp/DAC which retails for $6k new but the CP 800 was also discontinued last year and nowaday can be had at less than $4k.
The Sigma SSP stereo performance is very very close to that of the CP 800 stereo preamp/DAC. It will take highly trained ears in order to tell the difference between the two.
* Bryston SP3. Currently retails for $9500 and its stereo performance is superb and IMO is better than both Classe Sigma SSP & SSP 800 pre pros.
* Meridian Reference 861 v8. Very expensive $32k. One of the best stereo performance from an AV pre pro.
* Krell Evolution 707. Again it’s very expensive and its stereo perormance is also the best coming from an AV pre pro.
* NAD M17. Retails for $5500. Its stereo performance is pretty good.
* Lyngdorf MP-50 ($10k). Both its stereo and multi-channel performances are spectacular.
All these pre pros can also function as high end stereo preamps and their multi-channel performances are also spectacular.
You will need multi-channel power amp(s) to go with them.

Your best bet would be getting a good quality stereo integrated amp with HT bypass and keep your receiver for HT surround duties.
Even if the stereo integrated has no HT bypass feature you can use one of its analog input and turn the volume to 80 on the integrated amp. 80 (out of 1 to 100) is usually a reference for unity gain on the preamp or integrated amp. Unity gain is basically the same as HT bypass.

Unless if you want to get the best of both worlds (stereo and HT surrounds) then the cost will be expensive. But I think for your MA Gold 100 speakers, generally a stereo integrated amp for around $3k is what you will need and perhaps a better quality AV receiver than what you currently have if you want better surround performance for movies or HT.

Hope this helps.