Bi-Amping 2 Interconnects or Y Cable?

Hi there I am about to buy another MF-200 amp and I was wondering about using a Y Cable VS. 2 Pair RCA's.

Obviously a Y Cable is cheaper but will I have any issues come with using it VS. another Pair of RCA's as I cant really ever get around to buying cables in the first place.

Also does anyone know of a good highend Y Cable?

Thanks as always

If I understand correctly, you are referring to the possibility of using a pair of 1-rca female to 2-rca male y-adapters at the power amp inputs, and running a single pair of rca cables from there to the preamp. Vs. running a separate pair of rca cables from each power amp to the two sets of output jacks that apparently are provided on the preamp (which I am pretty certain, in the case of your MC-7 and most other preamps that provide two sets of output jacks, are simply wired together inside the rear panel of the preamp, rather than being separately buffered).

If my understanding of the question is correct, the first issue you would face is that most off-the-shelf y-adapters are very short, and might not be long enough to reach between the input jacks of the two amps. And if a custom-made adapter would be necessary to provide enough length, you might as well purchase a second pair of rca cables, it seems to me.

In any event, given that your preamp probably has a low output impedance, and your power amp has a high input impedance, the one possible technical issue I can foresee with either approach would be a slightly increased likelihood of ground loop issues (hum and/or buzz) with the single-cable + y-adapter approach.

FWIW, here are a couple of y-adapters having the correct genders, including the one from Monster that Hifihvn referred to:

-- Al
Follow-up to my previous post: Upon further thought, I suspect that you are referring to a passive vertical bi-amp arrangement, so each y-adapter would be connected between two input connectors of a single amp. Given that, the increased possibility of ground loop issues that I mentioned goes away, and the length issue probably does as well. So I see no problem going with y-adapters. And doing that would have the benefit of substantially reducing the amount of cable capacitance loading the preamp output, vs. having two cables, although that probably won't make any difference given a low preamp output impedance.

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Thanks a million Al. I have been trying to find that review for years, I dont know if they just finally posted it or what.

Thanks a miilion

I have been trying to find that review for years, I dont know if they just finally posted it or what.
As a matter of fact, I see that they did indeed just post it. At the top of the first page of the review, in the byline showing Martin Colloms' name, it says "Posted: Aug 24, 2011 • Published: Dec 1, 1990"!

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My dad has almost the entire collection of Stereophiles and I have been looking for that one for about 8 years now LOL. I got the first MF-200 as a very shocking christmas present from my dad (I was trying to scrape up the money for it when I was 19 and was told it was sold!, on Christmas my dad asked me to help him with something out of his trunk and I WAS BLOWN AWAY TO SEE A GIANT AMP!). I Sadly later sold it and my preamp to end up (Thank God!) not marrying my girlfriend at the time in Hawaii.

Finally earlier this year I got another (Mike Mercer of Positive Feedback owns my old one, Hopefully one day I'll get it back) and just found another one locally that I am picking up tomorrow or the day after.

I am matching them with a Motif MC-7 Which is already 2 Mono preamps with individual cases only sharing a face plate with individual volume and input, now going into around 500 WATT MONO BI-AMPS INTO 8 OHMS!!! OH YEAH!!!

Life is getting good in my neighborhood!

You know whats up Al, I was planning on putting on new RCA's, Binding Posts and Input or power supply (I forget which the main ones that set it back to near zero)? Caps, Any other thoughts of things to do while I have my tech in there?