Bi-Amping 2 Interconnects or Y Cable?

Hi there I am about to buy another MF-200 amp and I was wondering about using a Y Cable VS. 2 Pair RCA's.

Obviously a Y Cable is cheaper but will I have any issues come with using it VS. another Pair of RCA's as I cant really ever get around to buying cables in the first place.

Also does anyone know of a good highend Y Cable?

Thanks as always

My dad has almost the entire collection of Stereophiles and I have been looking for that one for about 8 years now LOL. I got the first MF-200 as a very shocking christmas present from my dad (I was trying to scrape up the money for it when I was 19 and was told it was sold!, on Christmas my dad asked me to help him with something out of his trunk and I WAS BLOWN AWAY TO SEE A GIANT AMP!). I Sadly later sold it and my preamp to end up (Thank God!) not marrying my girlfriend at the time in Hawaii.

Finally earlier this year I got another (Mike Mercer of Positive Feedback owns my old one, Hopefully one day I'll get it back) and just found another one locally that I am picking up tomorrow or the day after.

I am matching them with a Motif MC-7 Which is already 2 Mono preamps with individual cases only sharing a face plate with individual volume and input, now going into around 500 WATT MONO BI-AMPS INTO 8 OHMS!!! OH YEAH!!!

Life is getting good in my neighborhood!

You know whats up Al, I was planning on putting on new RCA's, Binding Posts and Input or power supply (I forget which the main ones that set it back to near zero)? Caps, Any other thoughts of things to do while I have my tech in there?


Hi Toby,

I have no particular thoughts about additional mods.

Let me make sure, though, that I understand the reference to "500 watt mono biamps." Was I correct in thinking that you are planning to vertically biamp, i.e., having one channel of an amp drive the woofer on one speaker, and the other channel of the same amp drive the midrange & tweeter on the same speaker?

Best regards,
-- Al
Exactly, One amp to one speaker probably right next to it. It will be overkill on my Custom Focal/Accuton DIY Speakers but I kind of figured their workload would be even easier and I always wanted another one.

I like Vertical Bi-Amps. Rightly or wrongly it makes more sense to me to have a individual amplifier to each crossover network.

As Always thanks for your input.

I got my Y adaptor from Purist Audio Designs, I think in the $250-300 range, Origanaly had two runs of rca and like the sound better with the Y cons.
Perhaps Al can comment more on this but I see an issue with the simple y-adapter (been there, done that) you are going to use. When you connect both inputs of one amp to one pre out, you are changing the sensitivity because the input impedance of the amp is cut in half on each channel. I think Al was thinking on this when he mentioned the buffering on the pre outputs. This can change the sonic performance and behavior of the amps. So, next you need to get an active crossover between your pre and amps. Then all of the components see the load they were designed for. It is more money in cables and the crossover but the results are much better than what you'll get with a y-adapter. MY .02, YMMV, and all that.