I have a pair of JM Labs 926 Electras that are presently being powerd by a newer Audio Research ss amp. 150 wpc. I also have a Carver TFM-15 that I'm thinking of having "worked on" by Hi-Tech Audio. This amp is 100 wpc. Never having bi-amped before, does this make sense? If so, what might I expect?


Marginal increase in power availability. How will you balance the two amps?

The amps have to have the same gain.

Passive biamping gives more power obviously. This would make a difference if you listen to music with a large dynamic range, classical for instance, or if your current single amp is rather underpowered. Personally, I don't think passive biamping is cost effective as an upgrade unless it is just an intermediary step on the way to active biamping. Active biamping is a big upgrade.

Regarding passive biamping, one good amp is better than two not so good amps IMO.