I have a pair of JM Labs 926 Electras that are presently being powerd by a newer Audio Research ss amp. 150 wpc. I also have a Carver TFM-15 that I'm thinking of having "worked on" by Hi-Tech Audio. This amp is 100 wpc. Never having bi-amped before, does this make sense? If so, what might I expect?


The amps have to have the same gain.

Passive biamping gives more power obviously. This would make a difference if you listen to music with a large dynamic range, classical for instance, or if your current single amp is rather underpowered. Personally, I don't think passive biamping is cost effective as an upgrade unless it is just an intermediary step on the way to active biamping. Active biamping is a big upgrade.

Regarding passive biamping, one good amp is better than two not so good amps IMO.
Markphd is so right. Sell the Carver and put that money into upgrading the AR. That amp running well is better than mixing in the mediocre sound of the carver.