Bi-amping mark-Daniel Maximus: Mind-blowing

It escapes me that these unique speakers are hardly spoken of - admittedly tough loads - 85 db, 4 ohm, dipping to 2.8 - must be bi-amped, by decree of makers - understandably - but when they are, do they rock/sing/pulsate/kick butt/image and grab you relentlessly! Probably the most fun/rowdy-yet-musical, vibrant, yet coherent - system I have heard in my no waf play-room. M-D Maximus, biamped with Moscode hybrid 401 (400 WPC into 4 ohms) for the bottom 950 Hz and TAD-1000 100 WPC pure tubes, driven by 1960 Mullards and Amperex orange logo - and JJ 34 EL Blue glass for the highs. Made my hair stand on end. If there is a more dynamic set-up for a medium sized room, placed 8 ft from walls, I've never heard it. These speakers are a revelation and I urge others to listen to them. I dont work for M-D and only know about them from the 6 Moons review and susequent discussions with owners. Wow! I'm still foot-tapping, an hour after they were turned off to watch Papelbon zap the Rockies............Go hear them, but insist on big, nasty, fun amps, typified by the Moscode 401. D amps didnt do it, nor did pure tubes. But MOSFET low end and tubes for the rest sure made this old tube geezer a dancing man:)
Generic, strong, bi-tower, steel stands from AudioAdvisor (filled with sand to the top) - didn't fancy the the M-D stands.
other dynamic,'sonically' similar and power hungry designs that generally don't get plugged or talked about on was answering the question..'are there other...?'

So did you get to try the M&D speakers, if so, what is your opinion regarding their performance?

Bill doesn't comment on any products he carries, which is indeed a rare phenomenon on A'gon. He was so blown away by them, I know, that he now carries them! Look on his website.
I know this thread is old, but am wondering, for bi-amping do you use an active crossover ala Marchand/Bryston, or are these set up for using 2 pre-outputs from a single pre-amp to 2 amps and then directly connecting to the 2 input terminals?