bi amping Mcintosh XCS 200 center with Mcintosh 302, Mcintsosh 456 or 601s for Magico S5s

Looking for some educated advise on my Home theater system.  I have  pair of Magico S5s powered by Mcintosh 452 for the fronts, Mcintosh XR 200 speakers power by Mcintosh 302 for the surrounds and Mcintosh XCS 200 powered by the Mcintosh  301 for the center.  I was considering bi amping the XCS 200 center with the 302 (and selling the 301), moving the 452 to power the XR200 speakers and buying used pair Mcintosh 601s or new  Mcintosh 456 to power the Magicos.  The reason for the re-configuration is because it seems like the XR200 surrounds and the XCS center are lacking in the power department and I not sure if the 601s or the 456 would be better for the Magicos. Any advise is welcome.

The problem is not a power issue, it's a mismatched speaker system. Get a Magico center and surrounds or McIntosh fronts.

It can also be that you have not calibrated the volume output level for each speaker in your AVR or HT Processor.  These speakers (and possibly amps) will have different efficiency ratings, which can indicate that the McIntosh speakers are quieter than the Magicos.

But yes, I would highly recommend getting a matching center channel at a minimum.  The surrounds do not necessarily need to be matching, but they do need to be close in timber and sonic signature.  (of course matching surrounds would be best solution).