bi amping with 4 monoblocks ?

Hi i need some addvise on bi amping i have a nakamichi ca7e pre amplifier with 2 sets of pre outs on the back my speakers are kef 107mk2 with 4 binding posts what i want to know is can i use 4 meridian 605 monoblock amplifers 2 for each speaker would i have to use a crossover or can i just go through the pre amp any help would be a great help
thanks Garry
You don't need an active xover the speakers have bi amping provision. Connect the pre outputs directly to your amps, remove the jumpers from the back of the speakers and connect each set of binding posts to an amp.
i'm using a 4 monoblock setup. while you can do without an active crossover and use the passive crossovers in the speakers, you will get benefits by using an active crossover and bypassing the passive ones.
I agree with Edwyun. I would also add that unless an active crossover is used, there is no real benefit to using 4 amps rather than 2.
^Well, there might be some benefits.
It might allow for more available power.
Many amps run in Class A up to a point, then work in class AB there after. If one pair of amps are running the demanding woofers, it could allow the other pair to maintain Class A operation longer in the typically more critical to human hearing of midrange/treble.
It might allow the amps to run off separate power outlets, which might be advantageous.
The amps might run cooler, with smaller cabinets that might be sturdier and less prone to vibrations, and easier to move.
It might help keep cable runs tidier.
It might allow for easier upgrading as funds become available.
In the event of an amplifier failure, it might allow continued use of the system during the time that the damaged amp(s) is/are repaired or replaced.
Oh yeah, they system will be more ready, should an external active cross-over become available. :-)