Bi-wire cable versus 2 sets of cable

If I have an amp with 4 connectors (for bi-wiring) and speakers that are bi-wirable, do you get better quality sound with two separate speaker cables than you would with one set of speaker cables that are bi-wire (2 prongs on one end and 4 on the other end)? There would be a cost to two separate sets of wires, but is it worth it? Please help. Thanks, Scott
Depends in large part on the cable. My personal feeling is that spending a lot on one really good biwire cable is better than two lesser cables because good biwire cables do more than just split all the wires at the end. My best suggestion is go to and look at there informational section and see what they have to say. The only time that I really thing using two sets of wires makes sense is if you are using two amps. Then it is hard to avoid. My other suggestion is go to the audio shop where you buy your gear and try listening to the two different setups.
First you should always bi-wire if speakers have that capability, even if you have only one amp with one set of 5-way posts, use spades for one pair and bannanas for other. Internal bi-wire is the most cost effective and better than single wire, but it is a compromise to save money. High and low frequencies cannot be completely isolated in a single cable. If money is no object double runs are preferable to internal bi-wire, you can reduce the cost of double runs by using highest quality cable for high freq dirvers and lower quality cable for bass drivers, as bass is never bright and will have less detail loss. (cables must be same design family to do this) For example use AQ Clear for high freq and AQ Midnight for bass........regards Sam
Your wasting your money if you buy 2-sets of cables, with 4 ends on each. Bi-wiring just lowers the resistance level on the wire and the amp. You can go to a 1 size bigger cable and achieve the same results. The best way is to bi-amp, even if you have to go down a size in amp. Horizontal or vertical. Then you can HEAR the DIFFERENCE!!!!!