Bi-Wire Cables under $350 (Used or New)

Hi All: I am assembling my first system, and believe I am settling into my current setup for the (short) haul (assuming I’m ready to level up in about 2-3 years). my

Current System: Hegel 190 Integrated paired with the new Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G. Temporarily using some Amazon bi-wire Speaker Cables (CESS-106-6f Bi-Wire 2-4 Banana 12 Gauge, 2-Channel (6 Feet)).

Recommendations Requested: 2 or 3 Suggested Bi-Wire Cable Brands and Models, used or new, under $350.  Qualities: They DON’T add sibilance/treble further, but for perhaps "deepen" and perhaps add some further "clarity" .

Are these the right descriptors? I don’t know. I do know that I cannot tell what (now) what a low Zo (characteristic impedance) sounds like (see link below) and nor do I have the budget at the moment to spend 1000s to chase marginal gains on this system.






At that price level you might be better off getting a single run of better quality cable and good jumpers.  

At that price point I also typically prefer a single run with jumpers of same cable 

I’m using 4- conductor 12 gauge OFC Monoprice on a very good transparent tube system, and it sounds natural, neutral and clear with good microdynamics and musicality. I’ve had Cardas, Kimber, Belden, Monster, and others. It’s very good wire. Spending more doesn’t mean better sound. Highly recommended for bi-amping/bi-wiring.

Gill…if you’re handy, build your own using Canare 4S11 with the best possible connectors you can get within your budget (i.e Furutech 201G or 201R). Very easy to do.

Check out VH Audio for the Furutech connectors (add to cart to see your price).

For the $350 total budget I doubt you will get anything better. Satisfies the sonic criteria you mentioned above.