Bi Wire Cables vs Jumpers?

Ryan R610 monitors incoming and they are set up for bi wire...My speaker cables are Acoustic Zen Epoch.Choice 1 are the solid copper Cardas Jumper Bars,$45.00...Choice 2 is a new/used pair of Bi Wire cables(expensive) and choice 3 is 1 of the many cable jumpers ($50.00+)available like Nordost or VDH,Signal,Anti etc..,most of which are silver coated copper and stranded wire...Budget being a concern which way would you go?The choice can not in any way add harshness/brightness...Amp is 15wpc.EL84..Thanks very much..

IME, a shotgun bi-wire speaker cable will give you the best possible distortion less sound especially in high frequencies.

I do understand budget constraints, for now I would use the jumpers supplied with the speakers until you can save up for a bi-wire cable.

You can also experiment which configuration sound better by reading this article from Nordost. The diagonal configuration (fig. 3) is quite intriguing.