Bi Wire Cables vs Jumpers?

Ryan R610 monitors incoming and they are set up for bi wire...My speaker cables are Acoustic Zen Epoch.Choice 1 are the solid copper Cardas Jumper Bars,$45.00...Choice 2 is a new/used pair of Bi Wire cables(expensive) and choice 3 is 1 of the many cable jumpers ($50.00+)available like Nordost or VDH,Signal,Anti etc..,most of which are silver coated copper and stranded wire...Budget being a concern which way would you go?The choice can not in any way add harshness/brightness...Amp is 15wpc.EL84..Thanks very much..

Great speakers freediver! I built a second sytem with a pair and I really enjoyed them but sadly I am selling it off due to space issues. 
Cables I used were morrow sp4 bi-wire and the sound was very good with no harsh or bright highs. Then switched to DanaCable onix ref mkll shotgun and used the stock numbers and that was even better. 
Another vote for AZ jumpers.  If you choose to try biwire later on you can continue to use the banana jumpers at the same time (not many people seem to do this for some reason -- I know not why).  Adding wire jumpers to my existing AZ Satori shotgun biwire setup made more of a difference in imaging, clarity, and tighter bass than going from single to biwire Satoris.  Of course YMMV, but just another option. 

Man the AZ jumper is $150.00..A friend just this mourning let me borrow a pair of Nordost Red Dawn II cables and I'm totally blown away at how much more they bring to my system over the AZ...
Wireworld makes jumpers in wires that match exactly their different speaker cables.