Bi Wire vs Speaker Jumpers

I have B&W 802 speakers and would appreciate thoughts on bi wiring them vs using jumpers.  I will be using Krell electronics with them.  Thanks in advance for your input.
Bi wire method is voodoo ( bi amplifying is another story of course) ,I bought a year ago hi end jumpers(same brand & series as my speaker cables) and the improvement was so huge it left me speechless , from my experience the jumpers should be the same as your speaker cables for best results .
I am using Kimber Bifocal X with WBT CU locking bananas on both ends. Wilson Benesch Loudspeakers include a set of their proprietary jumpers but I elected to bi-wire from the beginning.  Simply heaven and I don't believe that I wasted my $$.  I don't think that there are any hard-fast rules on this subject.  Like everything else it is system dependent based on your perceptions. You may try loaners prior to purchase to experiment both ways. Break-in was greatly facilitated in my system by my preamplifiers ability to include a white noise generator so the whole system spent about 200 hours getting righteous.
Take your time and get it right!
Hi Guy's
I have purchased a set of Kimber Bifocal X cables 15' long which I will have cut down and terminated  and sell the 2nd set.  Thanks for all your thoughts on the subject.