Although the option to do so is there, I hadn't planned on bi-wiring my speakers, especially after watching this:

In the video it only speaks of bi-wiring on the speaker side (and a bit about bi-amping). But my amp has two sets of binding post for each channel as shown here:

I have reached out to both my dealer and the manufacturer about this with no response as of yet, so I was looking to you all for what your thoughts are on this? 

Will running 2 pairs of speaker wires to the 4 individual binding post do anything for me or would the info in the video still prevail? Thanks! 


I can split out sub, then use a solid state amp for lows, and a couple mono tube amps for mid-highs. Since the input frequency to each amp is limited, the signal coming out of each amp is “cleaner” for that range and allows each to “shine”. 


Why not just use a cleaner and shinier and large tube mono block?

No sonic benefit to running an extra set of wires to your speakers. True bi-amping requires an active crossover and another strereo amp. 

The no reply, no answer big company game.


which is why I went with products which are upgradable,and good warranties, and easy to actually talk on the phone personally to designers, owners' etc.  CJ was like that years ago, 

Sanders “the preamp”

McCormack dna monos

odyssey upgraded monos.


I like I can call, and I can speak with the,designers and talk for a while, without the feeling of being rushed for f the phone. 
Roger is a gem to speak with !

@ghdprentice - I’m familiar with posting pictures but am just doing my homework at this point, components are still in their boxes, which consist of Coda 8 amp, Coda CB pre, Gustard R26 DAC/Steamer (sorry, no Aurender). Legacy Signature speakers arrive on Wednesday.

Speaker placement will be limited as I do not have a dedicated listen room and the room itself completely sucks acoustically.

Stock power cords and Blue Jeans interconnects and speaker cables,

So, if all these thing mater more that bi-wiring, I’ll take your advice and save the money on that second set of speaker cables! Thanks.

Sonic benefits of true bi-wiring is endless debate here, often nasty...the extra binding posts are to ensure a good tight connection, should you choose to bi-wire with a double cable run...