Bi-wiring B&W 607 Suggestions

I have a nad c316bee and a pair of B&W 607 (new) dac is a Nad D1050, speaker cable i use for bi wiring is cordial cls 425, since i had a pair.

Im not one who thinks cable doesn’t matter since silver cable from qed do have an often negative effect on the highs, because it’s silver, i just don’t like that type of cable.

The highs i wouldn’t mind improving, yes i mabye should have bough different speakers or mabye a better amp, i like my amp and speakers.

Most of the results when i use google to find recomnedations for cable to use for bi wiring, i get results how to bi wire, to bi wire or not, does it make a difference and other results i don care about.

I wanted result for people using bi wiring, what they use,what can be recomnmeded, what is a good match for B&W 607 and other usefull links for helping med deside if theres a low budget speaker cable for bi wiring i want to use

Not to thick since banaplugs with screws can’t handle thick cables and noty to expensive, 5 euros or 4 punds pr meter (i need 2x4 meter) and as thick as possible i think that would be 14 awg, 2.50mm² (of courrse being slightly thick at the speaker end).

What can you recommend when focus is on the highs not being to bright, just good bass, and a open,clear midrange which describes my speakers

From experince i know some qed cable can be bright sound and i fell the qed original has a little softnes to the upper midrange,lower tweeter (i don’t want that,if qed original bi-wire is a good match)

Another cable could be CANARE 4S11 Star Quad Speaker cable Copper 4x2.08mm² Ø10.7mm
For me, bi-wiring speakers didn't improve sound quality as much as upgrading my speaker cables with quality jumpers.
I use these

If i would buy some better plugs i wouldn’t know what to buy, i don’t want to pay close to 100 pounds,dollars,euros for 12 banana plugs.

The cordial cls 425 i use i already had

Sorry for the misprint.

For me, bi-wiring speakers didn't improve sound quality as much as upgrading my speaker cables and adding quality jumpers.


12 plugs can be as expensive or more than trying a pair of  CANARE 4S11 (both is not an option)