Bi-wiring speakers

What is bi-wiring and what are it's advantages. How can you bi-wire when you only have single pair of speaker terminals on amplifier.
Jostler not quite so,Yes & No. Some speakers have seperate crossover boards and are bi-ampable and bi-wireable and will benefit, while others won't benefit. Its has to do with the speaker design. Angela gives good advice, a search on the front page for the discussion area will give you plenty of info from knowledgeable posters. Have fun.
to test jostler3's contention on a set of biwireable speakers, remove the conducting straps linking the two sets of terminals then connect speaker cables to either set of terminals. if the speaker still plays full range, then he's right you've been had. if not, you can certainly expect the dedicated high and low frequency sections to only pull the current they require. sure the signal is full range but the current demands of the high and low frequency sections are quite different and will only flow thru the speaker cables to which they are attached. try it you'll like it.
Waste of $. We tell people this and they rarely listen.
Their speakers are bi-wireable, so they think this is best.
Dunlavy, Sonus, Genesis, and others agree.
Speakers are "bi-ampable", and somehow this has changed to "bi-wirable".
Also, few people know what "true bi-wiring" is vs bi-wiriing.
Keep in mind, we dealers make more on bi-wire cables, and so do the cable companies.
Bi-wiring can indeed produce a difference, and in some cases a significant improvement. But the speakers that improve most from bi-wiring from my experience are some of the British small monitor speakers where they have tried to achieve transparency at a low price point from using a minimalist cross-over. Speakers like Thiels however involve a lot of effort in the cross-over to get it right and nullify the benefits of bi-wiring. Shotgun bi-wiring is the main area where you get different results, not necessarily a better one - principally because you are really changing the load seen by the amp.
Hellohifi, please explain "true bi-wiring". Your post is suggesting that speaker manf. are just adding a second cosmetic pair of speaker posts, and that there is no difference in internal crossover design between a bi-wire
speaker and single wire speaker. Surely you are not suggesting this are you?