BiAmp Focal Kanta 2 speakers with 1 set of posts.

I have a Primaluna EVO 400 Amp and Preamp and Focal Kanta 2 Speakers.  I think it would be an improvement to add another Primaluna EVO 400 and run them in mono.  I was told it was not any good unless speakers had 2 sets of posts, 1 for the High and 1for the lows. Any help out there?


Using one amp per speaker may have some benefit from better separation, and zero crosstalk.  There may be some other benefits from each amp having less responsibility and it's own power supply.

An  EVO 400 monoblock pair with a Evo 400 pre in front driving Kanta 2s. Hell yeah!

That would be most beautiful in sight and sound.

Forget the biamp thing. Focal engineers know what they are doing. Power them up, individually, as is.

PrimaLuna is even behind the idea.

I'd be jealous.