Hello. I’m thinking of using two Halo  A23 plus amps run through the Halo P6 preamp biamping  into Paradigm Prestige 85 speakers. Or, I could also just go with one Halo A21 plus without biamping. Any thoughts on the advantage of going one way or the other? Thanks. 


One way will cost 2X+ than the other. Purchase $ required, space used &  operating cost

Rus, you are correct. The only advantage with biamping with two of the same amp is having an additional seperate power supply. I really would not hear a difference and the A21plus  has advantages the A23plus doesn’t. I’m thinking of using a tube hybrid, the Vincent SP332 for the mids and treble and the A23plus  for the bass. Otherwise, I’m going with the A21 plus.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks. 

When I biamped my Paradigm Reference Studio 20 speakers with 4 channels from a Carver 5 channel amp it was astounding when I sat in the far field. In the nearfield not so much. I would recommend if you have a larger size room by using a single Parasound A51 5 channel amp, just use 4 channels.