Hello. I’m thinking of using two Halo  A23 plus amps run through the Halo P6 preamp biamping  into Paradigm Prestige 85 speakers. Or, I could also just go with one Halo A21 plus without biamping. Any thoughts on the advantage of going one way or the other? Thanks. 


The only advantage with biamping with two of the same amp is having an additional seperate power supply.

The other might be lifting big heavy amps but the A21+ is a VERY good sounding amp, you will not be disappointed. I ran mine with an Cary SLP-98 preamp and it was a really nice sounding system. 

If you are already in possession of said amp and pre, use any old amp laying around and give it a shot. Use the parasound for the low frequencies and the other unit for the high frequencies. It will not be an exact comparison, yet the results may be surprising. 

Thanks for the advice and interesting discussions my friends. I’m very happy to be a part of the thriving audiogon community sharing a common bond through a love and passion for music. I’m seriously thinking of going with the Parasound for the bass drivers and a tube amp for the mids and highs. Rogue Audio has an interesting 100% tube amp at 100 watts and a hybrid at 300. I’m sure the hybrid at 300 would be fine alone yet I’m also in this for the excitement and biamping is exciting. It gives more options too. I have a lot to think about and am looking at more tube amps and hybrid amps for the top end. Excellent discussions.

Bi-amping offers more advantages than just an additional power supply. Vertical bi-amping can offer the same benefits of monoblocks, plus the benefits of bi-amping. Bi-amping reduces the responsibility of each channel, and can offer a lot of flexibility for using active or passive crossovers. Separate amps on each channel reduces crosstalk.

I’m currently running tube monoblocks on the mids and tweeters, and a solid state amp on the woofers in a horizontal bi-amp configuration. I still use the passive crossovers on the speakers, but have the option of adding an active high pass filter for limiting the bass into the amps that drive the mids and tweeters.

With good equipment and a decent system, you should definitely hear a difference. Bi-amping with something like a modest AV receiver is less likely to offer much improvement.

Years ago Bi-amping was the way to go, heck, I briefly had a Tri-amp setup.  But now I’m running a Hegel integrated. Probably because my ears aren’t as good as they were 40 years ago.🙁