BIC Venturi fans?

I still use my BIC v830
and v630 to this day.
great speakers.

any other fans!??
I recall in 1973 when I was in college that BIC Venturis were the speakers to own, along with another brand called Avid. I thought that the BIC's were better.
Arctic, I have a question for you since you have both the V630’s and the V830’s. I have a pair of Venturi V630’s in my living room. I want to put another pair of them in my office which is immediately adjacent and connected (somewhat open-concept.) I frequently listen to music while working and moving from room to room.

I’ve been looking for another pair of the 630’s but only seem to be finding the V830’s. My question is; do the two sound significantly different? I can’t help but think that with drivers that are a full two-inches bigger, they are going to have a different sound. Both pairs would be driven by the same receiver A+B style and I don’t want the sound to change from room to room. Should I hold out for the V630’s or just get the V830’s?

P.S. And to answer your question; Yes, total fan of them. The family room I mentioned actually has the V630's as the main/front speakers, a V62CLR center-channel and a pair of V62's as rear/surrounds. I sort of have a 6-inch theme going and they all sound great together for music or movies. The office currently has another pair of the little V62's but I'll put those in the "man-cave" when I get bigger speakers for the office. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
BIC Formula 1s were my very first "real" speakers. I bought a line demo pair from Sam Goody's on Chestnut Street in Center City Philadelphia for $70 hard-earned paper route bucks sometime in '73. The venturi loaded mid/woof and the compression horn-loaded tweeter gave these little speaks incredible dynamic pop, particularly with percussion heavy rock. I mounted these on the wall, in the corners and against the ceiling with the woofer port facing up. You would think that this would have led to a boomy mess, but this set up had small speaker coherence with big speaker balls. I had friends with Advents, EPIs, and ESS AMTs that marveled at how great this system sounded. In fact, when my friend with the ESSs didn't have room for them in college, he bought Formula 1s for his dorm room, corner mounted them against the ceiling, and blew minds. Good memories!