BIC Venturi fans?

I still use my BIC v830
and v630 to this day.
great speakers.

any other fans!??
BIC Formula 1s were my very first "real" speakers. I bought a line demo pair from Sam Goody's on Chestnut Street in Center City Philadelphia for $70 hard-earned paper route bucks sometime in '73. The venturi loaded mid/woof and the compression horn-loaded tweeter gave these little speaks incredible dynamic pop, particularly with percussion heavy rock. I mounted these on the wall, in the corners and against the ceiling with the woofer port facing up. You would think that this would have led to a boomy mess, but this set up had small speaker coherence with big speaker balls. I had friends with Advents, EPIs, and ESS AMTs that marveled at how great this system sounded. In fact, when my friend with the ESSs didn't have room for them in college, he bought Formula 1s for his dorm room, corner mounted them against the ceiling, and blew minds. Good memories!

I have been using all BIC on a surround setup for decades now and the other day I connected a pair of new Sony SS SC5 bookshelf in place of the fronts and the improvement in sound was incredible, the BIC;s sounded lifeless and flat with almost no bass and muffled mids and highs. I am getting rid of them and replacing with a pair of Emotiva B1+