Bidding Frustration

This past weekend I placed a bid on an integrated amp and the seller countered. My understanding is the counter was to be open to acceptance or rejection for 48 hours. I gave it some thought and about half a day after the counter was prepared to accept it but it was gone as was the listing. I e mailed audio gin and the answer I received was yes a counter is good for 48 hours unless the seller pulls the listing. Logic indicates that while the counter was pending the seller received another offer he accepted and pulled the ad. My opinion is not cool. Thoughts?
I disagree with you. Put yourself in the sellers shoes - and recognize buyers evaporate into thin air without notice all the time. If you wanted to lock up the seller you would need to get an agreement that you wanted a period to consider it and have first right of refusal in the event he/she receives another offer.

AFAIK, all "best offer" systems work this way, where an open offer or counter does NOT lock up the seller. At least A'gon, and eBay work this way.
You snooze you loose. You should not expect to lock up the sale of the sellers amplifier for 2 days. The seller could have received a equal or better offer than what he countered you with and sold the amp, in which case the ad disappears automatically from Audiogon.

However don't fret over small thing like this, another amplifier is going to show up sooner or later, that might even be less expensive and better.

Good Listening

agree with the above. nothing is sealed until BOTH parties agree and put it in the system.
The seller always has the option of accepting a higher offer or a Buy It Now from another buyer even after you've sent them your offer. It has always been this way, AFAIK.