Big Below 15k used that can play loud as heck

I moved into a way larger room, roughly 20x24 and the 802D’s just ain’t cutting the mustard. Looking for good options that can pound out bass in a large room with 500-1000 high end watts (pass or levinson etc)

Currently running 2 JL Fathom F113’s so it’s not low bass, it’s a speaker that can pump concert level music playing rap, hip hop, reggae, rock and classical/audiophile stuff  etc. but I need my rig to blast rap and hiphop impressively more than anything. 

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Well you already have subs….so you need mid bass slam….nothing does that at concert levels like separate towers of 10” drivers in an inert cabinet, preferably servo. Meyer ain’t close to your budget, i know…i spec them for people who make a living w them.  Pro gear good advice, start shopping reverb, etc…

Wow! I didn’t such a response. To recap alot of responses into one. First off I don’t only listen to rap, but I’m in my 30’s and if it can’t properly blast the music I grew up listening to what’s the point? Also I apologize it was late, I could’ve wrote a better post. I’ll edit it as such

current;y Im running them in a semi treated room 9 2x4 panels along back and back corner walls. Just moved in and getting it set up. 

‘current rig is Conrad Johnson Premier 16, Am running Parasound JC1’s (That I’m not keeping) which are doing a better job than the levinson 332 that really wasn’t cutting the mustard

the problem im running into is the bass just gives out on them and they just sound like their gonna break or start breaking up at least once im hitting an average of 77-80db. I was hitting 87db avg. without an issue ever. I’m listening in the low 70’s. I was getting hit with a solid wave of impact not quite the maxilla guy… previous room was 11x17, 2.5x is a massive jump….

I had been thinking of something like Dunlavy SCVI, JBL K2, PBN’s, TAD, hadn’t thought of Meyer, it’s a great thought. 

tomic you have great advice sir.