Big Star..??

Has anyone heard the new re releases, No.1 Record and Radio City on Classic Records Clarity 200 gram?? These pressing are exquisite. These records are arguably two of the best post Beatles releases ever recorded.
Gotta disagree with Jaybo, who almost always has great taste--the Big Star reunion album blew chunks, I do, however, highly recommend Chris Bell's solo record, which despite demo-quality sound is every bit as good as the Big Star records.
Well, In my humble opinion, LX Chilton was the Lennon to Bells McCartney. Bell was a little to syrupy for my taste on his own. He needed that smug punky edge that LX brought to the table.
I never had much luck with Classic when I was into vinyl—too many QC issues—but I’ve heard the Big Star reissues, and they sound pretty good. Along with Badfinger and Thin Lizzy, Big Star is one of my favorite bands. The recently released box set, “Keep an Eye on the Sky,” is awesome. As for “In Space,” the reunion album, I thought it was pretty decent, though overall it sounded more like an Alex Chilton solo record than a BS album. It was promising, though. I hope they do another one.
these recordings sounded a lil bright to start with on the org ardent issiues not a bad thing so now they sound bright with a very quiet backround. the chris bell is killer rhino handmade is a must.