Big Surprise in NOPE

I watched 'NOPE' this week, but this is not about the movie, per se. I'm sure others who have watched noticed the same thing I did as far as props. There is a vintage stereo system that is played (?), with the turntable being the most prominently visible piece (at least, that's my recollection). The whole system appears to be Sansui, the turntable being an SR-717, and it is flat-out beautiful. At one point in the movie, a speaker is placed out on the roof of the two-story house in an effort to attract the alien's attention. It appeared to be a big SP-5500, with the Sansui logo barely visible due to the camera angle. I could not make out the model of the amp/receiver, but maybe some eagle-eyed A'goner did. What vintage systems from other movies have caught your eyes in the past?



There is a scene in The Doors where I recognised KLH Nines. I have a pair and also that Empire TT I mentioned above.

During the late 60's the KLH Nines were considered the ne plus ultra of speakers and were correspondingly expensive ($3K) - appropriate for rich rock stars like Jim Morrison to own!