Big vintage speakers klipsch kg line

Retro system thinking of kg4 or similar hi efficiency moderate cost model
Where can I find info on upgrading the x-overs in my KG4 and Tangent 30 speakers?
I have owned two pairs of KG4s.
I think the earlier ones sounded better for some reason.I suspect the tweeter or crossover was changed on later ones.The earlier pair was prone to burning out tweeter voice coils-but that was a simple replacement job.

They can sound really nice with very tubey sounding amps like a 300b SET.

Also you need to stand mount them so the tweeters are at ear height when sitting down-which goes for any spoeaker.The little skirt on the bottom is best removed.
Klipsch forums are the best source for anything Klipsch. It's fairly easy to upgrade the xovers. If you don't want to do it or can't there are a few of us who do it.
JohnnyJ, Do a search on Bob Crites crossovers. Great crossovers. Really improved my Hearsy II.
The Hearsy II is a great classic speaker from the Heritge line. Dont count them out. My uncle has the Hearsy I and both of us like the sound of the Hearsy II better. I am going to be letting mine go soon. I am having a hard time doing it though. I bought them new at Hahn AB, Germany at the BX.
I always enjoyed Klipsch speakers and years ago I owned K-Horns, LaScalla's and Heresy II (liked them all). When a pair of nice KG-4 became available locally I figured I would give them a try. Unfortunately I was disappointed with their lack of detail and resolution. When I compared them to another pair of vintage speakers I had (original Large Advents) the old Advents sounded much more clear to me. The KG-4's sounded like a blurr in comparison. Unfortunately I later sold them.