Biggest "bang for the buck" audio gear you have owned(in your history)?

This is very subjective, and your opinion on your own systems/items is all that really counts.

From the beginning to now, these would fit that category for me: (in no order)

Original Large Advents
Dahlquist DQ-10
Conrad Johnson ART pre.
Original Monster interconnects and speaker wires.
Nakamichi SR-3a
AR Turntable
Audio Research LS-12
Magnepan 1.6
Magnepan 20
Wireworld Gold Eclipse III
Audio Technica Electret Condenser headphones 
Magnum Dynalab Etude and 108 tuners
Magnum Dynalab Receiver (original)
And in those "early days" special pressings and imported Jazz albums. 

There may be others I am forgetting, but these were very good items along my journey. 


From above:

"Love to see the large Advent's mentioned.  Mr. Kloss was a pretty smart guy--I mean, he invented the acoustic suspension speaker...where would be be today without that?"

The acoustic suspension speaker was invented by Edgar Vilchur.   

1. Energy 22 Reference Connoisseur loudspeakers that retailed for $2400 USD in 1989 in Teakwood veneer, that I scored for $500 in factory cartons. Still have but replaced them only 14 months ago. Amazing 2-way floorstanding monitors.

2. Full-blown mod of Energy 22’s in 2018 by Agon member, Grannyring. Amazing improvement from top shelf caps, resistors, wires, custom stolen air-core inductors and binding posts.

3. Synergistic Purple fuse in Innuos Zenith Mk 3.

4. Audiocrast Spring pods for under speakers

5. KEF KC62 subwoofer added to Lyngdorf 3400- Audiovector Arrete’-Innuos rig. So amazing. A second one will be installed.

6. Perfect Path Technologies PPT Omega E Mats.
7. Audiovector Freedom Grounding cable.

SonographTT  with Sumiko arm and Talisman S cartridge. $550 1983 Still own TT and arm.

B&K ST 140 with B&K Pro10  $850 1985 sold both in 2011 for $425 (the pair)

BEL 1001 MK5  $1200 2011 Sold it for the same price in 2021.

Magnepan MMG $600 and now the Magnepan LRS + ($1100) If you have enough current and power in your amp. These speakers, decades apart are killer!!!! For the money.