Biggest Improvement Speaker Cable Or Interconnects

What do you guys think is the biggest improvement in a system, speaker cable or interconnects?
Mohamed,yes so true.Source first fix the output at source where the most effect can be had.
Whenever I tweak my cabling I always do both. I recently tweaked everythink in my bedroom system to Nordost. I don't think it would have sounded right without matched cabling through out.

As for which to do first go for the best deal ;^)
I agree, start with your source and work your way down, no sense in preserving a signal that's already been degraded or colored.On mine I found the best improvement when I changed the IC from CD to preamp.
I am also a firm believer that "what has been lost at the beginning cannot be recovered" so work from the source downwards...
Based on experience with my own cables in customer environments, the IC's make the biggest difference, followed by the speaker cables. However, this really depends on the IC's. My IC's have extremely low capacitance (3.8 pF/foot), so they make a huge difference. It is fairly easy to make a good-performing speaker cable, but more difficult to make a good-performing IC. Many manufacturers therefore have better speaker cables than IC's, even at the same price levels and so they probably will make a bigger difference.