Biggest Sound in the Littliest Box

Can some one suggest speakers that offers the "big speaker" sound in the smallest box? For me, price is not a big factor (to some extent) but space is.
Before you make a purchase. You absolutely MUST check out the PMC TB2's. 3 foot box with a 2.5 meter transmission line which offers lower bass extension. Speakers are also very neutral. Many of the the professional studios use PMC. The TB2 from what I hear were used for quality control on many motion pictures like Titanic and Independance Day. Check out there website link below under "user list" to see who also uses these speakers.
I was about to purchase a pair of B&W 805's and in my opinion these TB2 walked all over them, when I spent quite a few hours at my local dealer testing them both. I'm currently waiting for mine to arrive.

Good Luck in your search,
Judit, pricewise, N805 only cost 1/13 of my total system including record player. That's why I appreciate N805's performance very much.
The keyword here is the "Littliest" box. Have you heard the Tannoy mercury M1's? This tiny speaker is a bit taller than a regular magazine and smaller in width (300 x 170 x 210mm (11.8 x 6.7 x 8.3in)). Another tiny one is Dynaudio Audience 42 (11.1" x 6.7" x 9.7" (282 x170 x 246 mm)).
You might want to consider the Wilson Benesch Discovery. It's a fairly small monitor but the stand is integrated, as it is an important part of this speaker's design. So, I don't know, if that qualifies as 'little box' for you.
With regard to sound quality, I haven't heard too many monitors to compare them with, but regardless of size and price this is one of the finest speakers I've ever heard. No colorations, seamless integration of drivers, impressive bass due to isobaric loading (no need for a subwoofer) and wonderfully musical. They are a little bit out of my price range (8k, and they never show up used), otherwise I'd ditch my VirgoII for them.
"Big speaker sound?" Hummmm...that one might have to be quantified more for me. If you're refering to a bigger speaker as sounding more"full, "weighty", and "authoritive" in the bass reigion, then that's one thing. I've certainly heard speakers that offer a MUCH BIGGER SOUND(potentially, considering good room acoustics and set up) in terms of soundstage, than others!(refering to pair) Infact My older SF electa Amators and MInima Amators produced a HUGE SOUNDSTAGE in a proper set up! The sound was "bigger" than what you'd get from most any speaker, regardless of size! That Dynaudio Essotar 330 tweeter produced as much detail and life as most anything I've heard!
So, when you say "big" I'm just not sure what's being infered.
Also, I'd submit that tiny speakers, even if they have better than average bass response(if that's what's being refered to), will still need a powered sub somewhere to pull off the "full range thing" properly...otherwise you've got a limited aplication monitor...if that's what you're after.(which for some applications is ok) That said, if you're after a monitor that produces a big sound(probably refering to size of soundstage) within its respective frequency response, and you add a well set up woofer somewhere,you should have some overall "big sound"!
Of the "tiny" monitors out there, I have a hard time finding "a pair" that produce a HUGE SOUNDSTAGE personally. You might consider doing multiple minimonitors in a multi channel set up for that.