Billie or Ella? Maria or Renata? Technique or feeling?

I stand back to no one in my admiration for Ella Fitzgerald's technique but all the vocal fireworks make for precious little emotion. Billie Holiday on the other hand makes you feel she's singing just for you.

Technique vs emotion also goes in listening to Renata Tebaldi (superb technique) and Maria Callas who like Lady Day makes you feel she's singing just for you.

David Oistrakh was a violinist who combined flawless technique with raw emotion. Sviatoslav Richter was his counterpart on piano. Their modern day successors are Julia Fischer on violin and Daniil Trifonov on piano.


There's bop, bip bop, bebop, rebop, hard bop, post bop, Cowboy BeBop and even BeBop Deluxe.  What does it ll mean except that it's all music.

As the great trumpeter said, “I'll play it first and tell you what it is later.”

@tylermunns You are alright if you like country. For those unaware of what @tylermunns is talking about:


I do believe the gentleman you're talking about is not Jerry Jeff but Waylon. Y'know I just purely cannot resist.



With respect to Billie Holiday vs Ella Fitzgerald, I find that the emotion that Ella conveys is more subtle, but it's there. Billie Holiday can be a bit over the top for me.

A late posting by me.

Billie Holliday "Lady In Satin" with Ray Ellis Orchestra.  The feeling in those aging textured vocals with marvelous backing.    IMO it was her best.

Ella's "Songbook" will always be extraordinary.