Billy Bags Cracked Glass

Can anyone share thier experience with Billy Bags Cracked glass shelves. I am thinking of upgrading the shelves on my Billy Bags rack to the cracked glass. Those that have compared or have other experience, do they add a sonic benifit or change? I am also wondering if anyone has seen the new charcoal cracked glass, pictures would be welcome. Thanks
Sonically I think any type of glass is a bad idea. Glass creates all type of problems that I’m not going to discuss while answering this question. One of the very best shelving materials one can use IMHO is ACRYLIC!
The best shelf for a particular system is, as always, system dependent. There are a variety of high end manufacturers that advocate glass shelves including Naim. Making dogmatic statements like "glass creates all type of problems" is just that ....dogmatic.

I think they came out with them just to add those silly assed lights.Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions!!!
I've seen turn table bases made out of wood and acrylic, but never out of glass.
Think about it!
The marketing info from Billy Bags has absolutely no information on what "Cracked Glass" is.

If it's similar to laminated or security glass it might possibly have some merit as a shelf material but still wouldn't be my first choice; beyond that, if it is basically a simple glass product I wouldn't have much use for it. Dogmatic or not, I have not heard a "simple" glass product that sounds even remotely decent as a shelf material.

I've experimented with granite, marble, glass (basic and laminated in various thicknesses), cutting boards, phenolic (which is pretty similar to the Black Diamond shelfs in performance at a fraction of the price) and acrylic and I agree with Lak that acrylic makes a very good shelf material.

Acrylic can, however, start to get a bit pricey, particularly if you need it to support a bit of weight.

An extremely cost effective way to create a great shelf is to put together a constrained layer using a thinner sheet of extruded acrylic on top, a piece of baltic birch (which is dirt cheap) underneath it, with a piece of thin (1/8" or so) neoprene sheet between the two. The neoprene sheet should be available online or from an upholsterer.

This is what I'm using under my table now with an older style Target wall mount and it is, by far, the best and most natural sounding shelf material I've ever used.

I'm using 1 1/4" phenolic in the rest of my floor mounted rack as shelf material (under integrated, phono preamp, etc) but I'd guess that the above would outperform it for a fraction of the price-it definitely did under my turntable.
I've seen turn table bases made out of wood and acrylic, but never out of glass.
Think about it!

Just curious....have you actually tried it or just making assumptions based on what you believe to be true about the characteristics of glass?

glass turnatble shelf

another one

yet another

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I know the english are fond of glass and the Naim Fraim are very highly regarded rack systems. I will probably give the Billy Bags cracked glass a try, awaiting to see color samples.
Herman, I've tried glass, granite, a number of other stone, various woods and I prefer the sound of acrylic 1/2" to 1" thick depending upon what sits on top of it. If others prefer the effects of glass I think that's wonderful.
When I said turn table bass I might have used the incorrect term, I was referring to what a turntable platter, tone arm etc is attached to. I know there is a correct name for it but it doesn't come to me at the present time.
The correct word I should have used was turntable plinth. I apologize for the confusion.
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