Billy Cobham Question

I just picked up a used copy of Bill Cobham's "Warning" album. I wasn't aware of it until now. Inside the sleeve is a folder. Inside the folder is a picture of Billy playing live and what looks like a cover letter from Nancy Goldstein from GRP Records. She briefly talks about the album and quote "If you'd like to interview Billy, please call me at 212-777-0736" Under the cover letter is four page biography of Billy Cobham. It all looks hand typed and then copied. Do any of you Cobham fans know what all this is? Those of you who have a copy, do you also have these documents? Not sure what I have here. It's the first time I've run across this. Any information would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Blair
I got to see him in 1971 when he was with The Mahavishnu Orchestra. They were the warm up group to Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  Cobham  is a virtuoso.  Palmer, a machine, who outplays any percussionist I was fortunate enough to see. 
@janewyman........I saw that concert tour at the Music Hall in Boston.  I thought Billy Cobham stole the show, but my friends all thought Carl Palmer was a better drummer.  While Carl Palmer was better at showmanship, Billy Cobham was definitely in a much higher class of drumming. He hit those drums so hard, my chest was hurting.  I believe we were in the fifth or sixth row in front of the stage. 
Longtime BC fan here, I've seen him with MO 3x, Crosswinds band 4x, Cobham/Duke 2x, AND...the last time I saw him was when he premiered the Powerplay record in Pittsburgh!  The list of records I own from his discography is substantial, like I said, I'm a fan.  But he's gotten older and though he's still a dynamic player, I'd say he's maybe 25-35% of what he used to be!
Yes, RTF's drummer is Lenny White who is no slouch either. There is a video of a very young Mr Cobham playing with Miles and he gets a solo. What a blur. I agree with chazro. I've seen him 4 times over the years and he is not as explosive as he use to be. Then again none of us are. He is still fun to watch (and hear). 
I've often found the promo copies are made with superior and very durable vinyl. I'd figured that that was because they gave them to radio stations where (the promoter would hope) they'd get lots of play. Very cool that you got all that swag and so forth from the publicist.