Billy Cobham Question

I just picked up a used copy of Bill Cobham's "Warning" album. I wasn't aware of it until now. Inside the sleeve is a folder. Inside the folder is a picture of Billy playing live and what looks like a cover letter from Nancy Goldstein from GRP Records. She briefly talks about the album and quote "If you'd like to interview Billy, please call me at 212-777-0736" Under the cover letter is four page biography of Billy Cobham. It all looks hand typed and then copied. Do any of you Cobham fans know what all this is? Those of you who have a copy, do you also have these documents? Not sure what I have here. It's the first time I've run across this. Any information would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Blair
Some years ago I have contacted Cobham's agent in Italy to ask about the personel on one of his alboms ( there was no complete info on cd). The answer was that she did not know and that could not ask to Billy about that - a  bit unexpected reply.

Perhaps the communication issues on his site are not well organized. 
Someone upthread mentioned how 'Spectrum' was the last BC record they had heard.  Well, beyond the many fantastic Billy C. records you should be checking out, here's one that might catch your interest.  Alphonze Mouzon - Mind Transplant.  Mouzon played with Larry Coryell & 11th House.  Mind Transplant features Spectrum guitarist Tommy Bolin flexing his muscles again in a record often referred to as 'Spectrum II'!
Thanks Chazro!

Just added Mind Transplant to my Qobuz favorite list.
Hopefully give it a spin tonight!