Billy Cobham's Spectrum

How is the original on vinyl and are there any reissues, analog or digital, of this album?

I have the CD, Atlantic 7268-2, and it's just okay.

Thanks in advance.
I have Spectrum and a lot of other Billy Cobham on vinyl. But Spectrum, even from the seventies still sounds dynamic and lush. It's always in and out of my vinyl rotation. And this is the one I bought new when it first came out. Not some reissue. I've never heard the cd in my system.
I bought my copy in ~75-6 and it's fantastic. "Total Eclipse" is also excellent on vinyl.
Spectrum is an AWESOME album!
I still have the original U.S. pressing (LP)on Atlantic from mid 70's... best sound IMHO... I also have a German pressing which is clean, but lacks some minute spacial details and sense of image depth.
Get an old Atlantic pressing if you can find one.. the cover will be beat up most likely.