Billy Preston Dies

I hadn't realized he'd been in a coma since last November with kidney failure. Here's a link to the Washington Post article. (For some reason it neglects to mention his other big hit single of the 70's as a solo artist, "Will It Go 'Round In Circles"). Although I can't say I'm a big fan of his own albums aside from the hit singles, Preston was an amazingly talented and natural musician, famously a teenage prodigy on piano and organ, who always complemented and heightened the impact of other artists' work with whom he guested. And he seemed to radiate an infectious cheer and good will in his public persona like few others in rock, even though he clearly had his private demons. A sad day, music lost a truly beautiful cat.
They called him the fifth Beatle on the radio station I heard the announcement on. I recall reading how he had a calming affect on the Beatles when he was invited to sit in during some of their later sessions.
What a lose; just heard "Will it go Round in Circles" a couple days ago on the radio and was thinking of what a great keyboardist and singer Billy Preston was. In addition to the Beatles and others I admired his work on Joe Cocker's "Organic".
A tragic loss. Not much mention in the mainsteam press about his legendary time with Jime Hendrix and the Band Of Gypsys.
Jalanc42069: You're thinking of either Billy Cox (bass) or Buddy Miles (drums, both still alive BTW), not Billy Preston (keys), who reportedly jammed with Hendrix but was never a member of the Band Of Gypsys or his other groups.
A great musician...check out Melody with the Stones on Black and Blue...RIP