Binding Straps vs Jumpers

My Salons come equipped with solid binding straps between the low and high frequencies posts. I have Kimber Select 3033 speaker cables. Would I benefit in anyway with Kimber 9033 jumpers? Or just blow some more dough on my hobby unecessarily?
I've always found that cables, especially matching your speaker cables, improves the sound over binding straps.
As for blowing dough unnecessarily . . . is any of this really necessary? Hmm . . .
You could just use wire coat hangers for jumpers. It would work. That's how I look at manuf. binding strips. They designed the spkrs. to be bi-wired or bi-amped (or whatever) so I think they would sound better w/the same cables. They include the jumpers so you can listen w/a single set of cables.

If you use single wire w/jumpers, you can try it both ways.

You really won't get a definitive answer unless you actually try it, regardless of what you read here.
I made my own Jumpers out of Home Depot multi stranded 12awg copper wire. Which worked quite well and were an imporovement over the Aluminum Bar Jumbers provided by Focal. Then I ran into a bargain set of Cardas jumpers which were even better, I think so anyway.
As for worth it ?? I would say yes if small to moderate improvements mean anything to you and of course you think the price is in line with others. If you want a recommendation I love Jena wire which is what I use for speaker cable. The jumpers are called the Dussys I believe. They are not cheap by any stretch.
I agree with Ncarv here- is this hobby worth it? It appears, that as a general rule, that even a small improvement, is important to most people who are into the hobby.