Bit of a dillema Simaudio.. UPGRADE hmmm

Coming up on the "anniversary" of my Simaudio gear and thinking of taking advantage of their trade up program..

I have learned ALLOT here over the past couple years. and have really taken to the sound of my Moons!

Basically, I'm seeking advice on upgrading, I would like to trade my 2 M400 mono's, 350P preamp, related interconnects/ power cord, and move up to the 600/700i!!

What are your thoughts on this move?

Would there be much of a SQ difference?
especially going from 400wpc to 176wpc

Dac: Wyred4sound DSD
Speakers: Focal Chorus 726
Cables/ IC: all Analysis Plus crystal oval 8

Look forward to your thoughts!!
How do you consider it moving up when going from separates to an integrated amp that has less output power as well as less amperes? Although going from 400wpc to 175wpc is only about a 3.5 db decrease in power, the mono amps put out 56 amperes as opposed to 42 amperes on the integrated which means it may not have the current to drive speakers with difficult loads. I know the Focals are easy to drive, but if you ever got the itch to upgrade the speakers, you may be wishing for more current.

It would make better sense to upgrade the separates instead. Going with the integrated, I would call it maybe a lateral move at best.
sorry for the really really REALLY long delayed response!!

I did not get a message that someone replied...

the reason I consider what I typed about an "upgrade" is because other than the power level (witch I RARLY use loudly)
is that the 600i/700i is the Top of the line "evolution" series where as what I have now is the "entry" level..

I would expect the upper ends better electronics and materials would have great sound detail and all those other audiophile words that every review on everything seems to have. just less BD volume ..
forgot to mention I had upgraded the speakers to Focal Area 948, Heimdal 2 speaker cable and interconnects as well..