Bitstream DAC won't lock onto CEC transport

The Bitstream DAC will not lock onto my CEC TL-2X transport. It will lock onto my 15 year old Sony 10 disc CDP though (yeah even back then Sony made it with an RCA digital output). I tried five different cables and every time the Bitstream locks onto the Sony but not onto the CEC.

I also tried plugging, unplugging, etc., etc., etc.

Any help is appreciated.

I had both the Bitstream and IDAT on hand some time ago. Using my Sony DVP-S7000 as a transport I had some problems locking the signal in when using the Bitstream but not the IDAT-44. Doesn't really answer your question but maybe the Bitsream is more tempremental to the transport???
does the bitstream dac have other inputs,i have a cec transport and i use the balanced output,can you hook it up that way.