biwire question - 2 cables - 1 banana?

I want to biwire my speakers using 2 runs of linn k20 wire. Right now, I am using one run that is plugged into my rega mira integrated amp using rat shack banana plugs. I bought the other run of cable, but left the amp end as bare wire.

My question is, should I buy a set of stackable banana plugs for the new wire and plug the rs plugs into them, or should I get rid of the rs plugs, and put both bare wires into one quality banana that could hold them both (no soldering, please)? If so, any suggestions on which banana plugs could hold the 2 12guage linn wires?

Spacing concerns and inflexibility of the cables eliminates the plausibility of using spades. Thanks for your help.
Your in a tough position. Budget wire connectors,no soldering abilities,no room to work. I guess that is between two rocks and a hard place.I'm not to sure that if you actually paid someone to do all this there would be significant gains anyway.Sometimes, one good wire, properly terminated, with a good connector, is all you may need.
I use the rs banana plugs because the deltron connectors that my linn dealer soldered fell off twice (his soldering skill is only moderately superior to my nonexistant skills, it seems).

I have no complaints about the Linn K20 wire -- I like the sound of my system. I wanted to try biwiring to see if I could improve the system for a moderate cash outlay. The one thing I'm not sure about is what kind of amp end terminations to use, and that's what I'm hoping someone will comment on.
a good wire for little money. harmonic technologies excellent. I dont know your budget. If you have someone solder them you should use all the same banannas if you can? Make sure they know what solder to use the wrong solder can change your performance. If they heat the wire to long it can cahnge the performance. becareful and good luck.