when using biwire terminals with single wire speaker cables do you connect your singles to the upper or lower set of terminals and why?
Try it both ways and pick what sounds better to you, every speaker is different. If you really want the best sound for this situation, get behind the binding posts and wire the speakers internally to a single post set.
If you have biwire terminals with no jumpers you SHOUD connect BOTH terminals to a single wire(vertically) otherwise you will only hear freequencies cut-off by crossover and filter.

If you have jumper than it doesn't matter.
Yes, get into the speaker and solder the wire directly to the crossover. Every audiophile knows this is the only way to get REALLY good sound.

Or, you could just match + to + and - to - on top or bottom (or even one each if you want) and listen happily. If you are missing the jumpers that connect top to bottom you can make a new set with some extra wire. Just make sure that jumpers only go from like polarities or you may cause a short.

Next week, after you have tried it the normal way, you can email Mitch2 to get the details of how to hardwire your CD player directly to the tempanic membrane of your inner ear.

Good luck!
Hey Bignerd, why the attitude? Unsoldering one set of +/- wires from one terminal pair and soldering them to the other terminal pair, is hardly rocket science. It is not a "tweek of the week" but rather a long-term solution for those who believe using a higher quality single wire cable sounds better than bi-wiring. Otherwise, simply use short good quality jumpers or wire, and run the speaker wire to the terminal that sounds best. Some even recommend cross connecting the speaker wire with + on the HF pos terminal and - on the LF neg terminal, then jumping to connect the two neg terminals to each other and the two positive terminals to each other. Here is a link you might find interesting;