Bizzare Oppo 95 failure

Suddenly, all redbook CDs have distortion - constant, fuzzy distortion, but worse on transients - but SACDs play completely fine. This conclusion is certain - I have tried at least a half dozen each RBCDs and SACDs over a couple days.

The results also apply to both the SE and balanced outputs.

I have never heard of a digital player failing in this manner. And it is only a couple months old as well. Has anyone else ever heard of or experienced such a thing?

My Sony 777 ES player had a separate laser for the SACD & redbook discs, I believe.
Maybe your Oppo is the same, and the redbook laser or transport has a problem?
Thanks. A simple failure to read on one format or the other would not seem odd, but this distortion is really odd. I guess on IC only in the RB path has gone bad... or maybe it is in transport. Anyway, back to Oppo it goes.
Try unplugging the unit and plugging it back it. Maybe a hard "reboot" will help. Just worth a try, and hoping it helps.
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