Black Cat Cable's/Coppertone wires are amazing good!

I had recently borrowed from Mike Kay (Audio Archon), who is a retailer of Black Cat Cables, a full loom of the entry level Coppertone IC's and speaker wire.  The Coppertone IC's retail for $200 a pair and a ten foot run of the speaker wire costs $350.  Damn reasonable, indeed.  The materials and quality of build is as good as any cable I have had in my house for review, regardless of cost.  If you want all the details regarding the theory behind these wires you can go to the Black Cat Cable website and read the four superlative reviews on the Coppertone model.

The first aspect that strike me was the beauty of this cable at producing beautiful timbres and colors in the tonality of different instruments.  Next, was a vanishing noise floor that allowed the smallest micro-details to be clearly heard. The Coppertone loom was very balanced throughout all frequencies with an excellent airy top end and a taut/accurate bottom end. Sound-staging was excellent in height/width/depth and layering/placement of individual instruments was precise in this acoustic space.

Finally, the Coppertone cables took my whole system's ability to render a sense of relaxation/ease without out losing any speed, micro-dynamics, or punch was at a higher level then compared to my reference cables.  I have always had a very high level of liquidity in my system.  However, these wires are not just "silky" in their overall presentation, but allowed me to relax into the music and connect with it in an emotional manner that was quite delightful.

Please remember the Coppertone cables are not just good for the money, but are reference level performers that compete with cables that are dramatically more expensive. 


Enjoyed reading this thread. Hoping Teajay or others might share more on the Coppertone's.
I don't own Coppertones but I have a full loom of Black Cat copper cables in both systems:

Redlevel Coeur speaker cables
The Tube! interconnects
3202 interconnects
3232 speaker cables

I don't see any of these models any more in the lineup since Chris has relocated back to the USA, but they are all copper.  If I had to start over again I would go with Coppertone.  I also use one his old Stereolab Master Reference digital cables.  

I don't think about cables any more since I bought them.  If Chris made a power cable I'd probably buy that too.
Have any you compared them to Nordost, Tara, AQ, MIT, Transparent or any other cables (lots of them)?
I was checking out their website, and while quite artistic...  It's pretty brutal from a product information and flow standpoint.  

Reviews seem to be consistently good thus far.  Just wish there was an easier way to figure out their product line-up and CATalog.
@dep14   Funny you should state that, as that was my feeling as well, when I viewed Chris's new web page. Whoever his web designer was, seemed to miss the point of what the web page is about....or maybe not??
Anyhow, the Black Cat cables should be on everyone's short list for audition.