Black Diamond Cones ADVICE

Hi Carl,Albert,Greg...I just ordered 3 from Jeffs Sound Values.They told me to just stick them under my Rogue 99 and forget them.I don't think its that simple.I wish it was.Anyone have experiance with these?I plan on putting the cones point down directly on my shelf. Im not concerned with scratching the shelf its high density MDF and has steel particles mixed in.I cant afford THE PITS yet.Any recommendations for a DYI footer or do I even need one.
Hello. My experience with the BDR has been that choice of placement makes a big difference. Where you put them, and whether you point them up or down makes a noticeable difference. Also, they are NOT sharp pointed, so they wont scratch your shelf or your equipment.
David99, I don`t use the Black Diamond Racing any more , I`ve replace them with Valid Points, they worked a whole lot better. the BDR did work , but the VP`S WORKED MUCH BETTER , the sound stage was a huge difference than the BDR produce, the bass was better, the midrange was more "there", the treble was much clearer than before. that`s what I heard from just changing the BDR cones to the VALID points on my transport!!!! Sooooooo, I change them on all of my stuff, you have not heard you Rogue 99 yet till you try these, I`am not kidding, Hell if Carl does not have them on his CD-50 he hasn`t heard his CD-50 yet!!!! I can`t wait to hear what he going to say, but you know Carl , it will good!!!!I have a place to get these at a great deal and you get 30 days to try them or you money back if you don`t hear any thing, but YOU will . Greg
Carl, When placing the cones under your unit, make sure one is under the transformer & balance the unit from there. The points down approach work best in my experience. Good Luck
I use a number of Black Diamond products. They work and I am satisfied with my purchases. However, they are not all cure and I ended up removing them from under my phono stage and preamplifier. I kinda' side with your dealer. It does make a difference where and how they are placed, but I would not describe the changes as more than subtle. By the way, for this type of product your dealer should take them back (at no charge) if you're not satisfied.
I have tried BDR cones reasonably extensively. For me, cones are a final touch. If there is significant resonance getting through your rack to the cones, then what happens is you get to hear the resonant frequency of the cones - which can trick you into believing you are hearing more detail, but the sound is very irritating in the longer term. This seems to go for all cones I have tried. But if your rack and shelves are good then the BDR cones work very well. When your rack and shelves are good, placement of the cones makes little difference. When a lot of resonance is getting through however, then placement of the cones can make a very marked difference - possibly due to different parts of the bottom plate resonating at different frequencies. But the difference due to moving the cones around is not so much an improvement/diminution in sound quality - just a change in the resonance being heard. The other observation about cones is that, in my room (which I must admit does not have a totally rigid floor) I still find it best to have some compliance somewhere in the equipment support. If you use BDR cones, then you are bypassing the rubber feet and it may be best to also try some form of compliance either in the shelf material (which MDF is an example of - as opposed to thick glass or perspex) or with an air cushion product like a seismic sink.