Black Diamond Racing Coneon Gallo Reference3

Has anyone tried putting the Black Diamond Racing Cones on their Gallo Reference 3 speakers yet? I don't really care for the stock cones that come with the Ref 3's, and I've got the Bright Star Stands on order, (they're on backorder).
I thought the BDR cones looked like they might match well.
Has anyone tried them? If so, which did you choose, the Mk3's or the MK 4's or a mix?
This question assumes that the gallo's have a 1/4 x 20 thread for threir mounting...

I'm curious. What don't you like about the stock cones? But then I'm perverse -- think the Bright Star Stands look really weird. Hope they work for you. Good luck with these fabulous speakers. Dave
Hi David (Rolloff),

The threads on the spikes that are supplied with the Gallo Reference 3 speakers are 8 MM / pitch 1.25 (metric).

I thanks you for your patience while your order for our IsoRock GR3 stands is in process. The IRGR3 stands were very popular before the review in the current issue of The Abso!ute Sound. Once the review was published we have been overwhlemed with orders. A good problem, but a problem nonetheless.

Hi Dave (Dopogue),

I appreciate your comments on our stands. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, of course, you are entitled to your opinion. The IsoRock GR3 stands were designed to cosmetically match the Gallo Reference 3 speakers and extend their original lines - no more and no less. The vast majority of people are quite pleased with the look of the speakers on our stands. Everyone who has heard the combination has been extremely pleased.

Best Regards,


Barry Kohan
Bright Star Audio

Disclaimer: I am the manufacturer of the IsoRock GR3 stands and other vibration control products.
Thanks for your responce. I wish I'd known about your stands before the review in TAS.
From the pictures I've seen, your stands make the speakers look much more substantial. In truth, they do make the speakers more substantial in terms of solidity. I think they make the speakers look much more complete, and I can't wait to get them!
I don't particularly like the little cones and discs as, with four of them, rather than three, there is the problem of wobble if you happen to move them for cleaning, etc., so that the little discs lose there place under the cones. The BDR cones with their more rounded point wouldn't really require a puck or disc under them, and would look better with the black finish that I have on my speakers. Sound wise? Who knows.
I measured the studs after my initial post and noticed that the BDR cones wouldn't fit. Maybe I'll make an adaptor bracket for the stands that would let me use them.

Thanks again Barry. I think your stands look like they'll complement the speakers perfectly.

Just as an FYI. I finally got this all set up, if anyone ever views this thread. I think the BDR cones works great. Just what I wanted, and a nicely anchored sound too.